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Igor Rodionov, 1936-2014: Soldier, Scapegoat, Minister, Hard-Liner and Reformer, All at Once

  • Barack Obama

    The CIA ‘Torture Report’: A Blow to U.S. Allies?

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    U.S. Should Push for Closer Ties with Kazakhstan

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    Is China Afghanistan’s New Best Friend?

  • via Youtube

    ISIS: Nation, Terrorists or a Strategy?

  • Casey Ware

    Afghan End Game: Chinese Security Imperative and Implications for India

  • Shane Hamann

    Rebuilding Afghanistan: The Role of its Neighbors

  • via Youtube

    It’s time for Muslim Nations to take the Lead

  • Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

    Foreign Policy, Lord Palmerston & Appendectomies

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    False Solutions: the Islamic State, the Kurds and Generational War

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    Review of Carlotta Gall’s ‘The Wrong Enemy’

  • DoD Photo

    Don’t Sell Afghan Women Short

  • narendramodiofficial/flickr

    Afghanistan: A Theatre of Violent Conflict between Pakistan and India

  • Bowe Bergdahl

    Bergdahl Prisoner Swap Makes Us Less Safe

  • Phil Kernisan

    The Benefits of War: Afghan Helpers and Abbott’s “Discrete Settlement” Program

  • Boxes of relief items from USAID at the Port-au-Prince airport

    Limited Aid, Unlimited Intervention

  • Eastern Mennonite University

    A Conversation with Farshid Hakimyar

  • Devastation at Binta Suga market, in Maidiguri, northern Nigeria in March. Deji Yake/EPA

    Boko Haram, the Terror Group that Kidnapped 200 Schoolgirls

  • President Barack Obama participates in a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Mexico, June 18, 2012. Pete Souza/White House

    Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer

  • Art

    Not a new Cold War: Great Game II

  • Jacob Caldwell

    Afghanistan’s Day of Truth

  • Andy Dunaway

    Marshal Fahim’s Death will not Affect Afghanistan’s Political Stability

  • faizannehal via Wikimedia

    Iran and Pakistan – It’s Complicated

  • Gabriela Garcia

    The Case for the U.S. Staying in Afghanistan beyond 2014

  • fdecomite/flickr

    A New Great Game in Central Asia?

  • Afghan Zariza

    Afghan Artist Meena Saifi Explains her Craft

  • Local Afghans in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan

    Demographic Difficulties Facing Post-ISAF Afghanistan

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    Review of ‘Empire’s Ally: Canada and the War in Afghanistan’ by Klassen and Albo

  • Shane Hamann

    Making Sense of the Recent Suicide Attack in Kabul

  • Tracking Al Qaeda's financing is a complicated process

    What Happened to a Terrorist Corporation?

  • An officer with the Afghan National Police at a checkpoint in Kabul. Photo: Mauricio Lima

    Why the Taliban Attacked the Taverna du Liban in Kabul

  • Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul

    Karzai’s Delay on Security Agreement Causing Confusion and Concern in Kabul

    and 01.10.14
  • Afghan villagers in Helmand province

    Afghanistan, the Sequel?

  • Pete Souza

    Nuclear Regimes Tested by both the U.S. and Russia

  • Afghan commandos shield their faces from flying debris in the Zhari district in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, July 6, 2011

    Preparing to Leave: America’s Waning Power in Central Asia

  • Ezzedine Messaoudi examines on June 24, 2013 the crater left by the roadside bomb in Tunisia's Jebel Chaambi region near Algeria. Tunisia. Paul Schemm/AP Photo

    Can Democracy and Islamic Radicalism Coexist in Tunisia?

  • Will 2014 fair any better for the Arab world?

    2013 Was the Year of Setbacks for the Arab World

  • Collage

    From Missile Defense to Chavez’s Death, the 2013 “Are You Serious?” Awards

  • Tajik President Emomali Rahmon

    Despite its Problems, Tajikistan Carries On

  • Leslie Pratt

    Pandora and The Drones