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About Us

Since launching in 2011, International Policy Digest’s express intent has been to discuss global events in a platform designed for individuals living in the new social media environment. Because International Policy Digest is based in the United States our goal is to address domestic events from politics or the media that impact the international system. The international system is constantly in flux, from revolutions, elections and ongoing conflicts, which are transforming states that rarely see wholesale change.

Throughout each month IPD will publish articles that address several global regions and issue areas. With an abundance of choices from academic journals to online periodicals, the mission of IPD is not to compete with these publications but simply to add to and enhance the overall dialogue. Importantly, because IPD does not adhere to any one ideology, we publish articles that represent a wide range of views and ideologies. International Policy Digest’s mission is to promote content representative of its global readership. International Policy Digest (IPD) will apply stewardship by advocating for various nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) but will not support one organization over another. IPD’s advocacy will be based upon a needs based criteria.

Furthermore, as various NGO’s, whether secular or religious, attempt to tackle the many divergent problems throughout the extremely complex international system, we strive to ensure all have a seat at the table. International Policy Digest will continue to advance research and analysis of world events. Finding consensus is extraordinarily difficult. IPD will seek to build a foundation for amicable discussion of global issues.

International Policy Digest (IPD) is an independently run and operated foreign policy website which also tackles U.S. politics. On any given week you will find articles on our website that address the Asia Pacific region but also address the importance of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Many writers around the globe have difficulty finding a medium where they can express themselves in the written form. International Policy Digest strives to offer a voice to these concerned citizens. Because International Policy Digest does not seek to represent any one ideology our many contributors pen articles that seeks to shed light on little known or much discussed stories that either have regional or global significance.

Originally launched in 2011 as a personal blog of John Lyman, the Editor-in-Chief, he realized that this platform had an opportunity to grow and prosper in the new media environment. What started out with just a few readers from around the United States, International Policy Digest has developed a significant base of readership in over 195 countries.

International Policy Digest’s ISSN: 2332-9416