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  • Jeremy Richardson

    The Cuban Puzzle

    Diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US are being re-established. This should not be deemed remarkable, though the infantile paranoia of Washington’s politicians, strung along by the strong Cuban-Florida lobby, has made it so.

  • NBC News

    Lessons from the Sydney Siege

    This week’s hostage crisis in Sydney shocked Australia to an almost complete standstill. For over sixteen tense and frightening hours, the nation watched intensely as Man Haron Monis held seventeen hostages captive in a CBD café.

  • Kevin S. O'Brien

    CIA Report Hurts U.S. Allies

    The recent release of the US Senate Intelligence Report, revealing the grotesque specifics of the CIA’s post 9/11 torture program, has created an uproar among US and foreign readers alike.

  • Antti Aimo-Koivisto/Lehtikuva

    Putin's Poking the Finns

    While Russia is stepping up its provocations towards Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now strangely enough also harassing the benign Nordic countries.

  • Gazprom

    The Woes of Energy Insecurity

    In canceling the South Stream project, Putin had cited the European Commission’s insistence that no single company control the full process of extraction, transportation and sale of energy.

  • Mairym Ramos/SEIU

    Challenges facing the Caribbean

    Home to around 42 million people and 28 island nations and territories; the Caribbean has a hard time competing for resources on the global stage. Yet, this region of the world is a veritable microcosm of the many challenges and opportunities facing the wider world.