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  • Panoramio

    Midterms and Immigration Reform

    However the upcoming midterms turn out, immigration reform will continue to be a hot button issue and will likely need to be decided in the near term.

  • Pete Souza/White House

    "Chickenshit" and Diplomacy

    Ultimately, whomever it was that has now made the term chickenshit a permanent part of the foreign policy lexicon may feel a lot better today after a self-satisfied venting session, but this kind of thing is entirely counterproductive.

  • Marvel

    Patrick Doyle: Marvel’s Composer

    After almost a dozen films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has only produced a single classic score, full of lively themes: Patrick Doyle’s Thor (2011).

  • via Youtube

    A Soundtrack for Halloween

    In much of America, Halloween has a fixed rock and pop soundtrack: “Thriller,” “Highway to Hell,” “Ghostbuster’s,” and “Monster Mash” come to mind. Rarely does classical music shake up a Halloween dance floor but there are some great options.

  • NBC News

    Why States are Right to Quarantine

    However unpopular or uneasy it makes some, the Ebola quarantine protocol for medical workers returning from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone is the right and safe thing to do.

  • Julien Gomba

    A Lesson in Love

    For years, petro-dictatorships like Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, have managed to dodge social upheaval through programs and security resources purchased with oil royalties— but perhaps for not much longer.